Jura Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines – Reviews of the Best Models

List of the Best Jura Bean-to-Cup coffee machines

Jura is a premium brand that specialises in automatic coffee machines. With the majority of their models costing over £1000 - and some as much as £3700 - their target market is coffee enthusiasts who are willing to pay more for the best coffee. On this page, we'll go through some of the best Jura bean-to-cup coffee machines, along with reviews of why we think they are excellent models.

Who are Jura?

Jura is a Swiss brand that specialises in producing coffee machines, although they also build other home appliances. The company first began producing automatic espresso machines back in the 1980s, and since then has grown to a medium-sized company with approximately 600 employees.

So what makes Jura bean-to-cup machines stand out from others in the UK? Firstly, Jura is not a budget company. At the time of writing, the cheapest model is the A1 - which has an RRP of over £600. Other models can cost thousands of pounds. Their machines are certainly not for coffee-lovers looking for a bargain or budget machine!

The company also places a heavy emphasis on design. As you'll see in the upcoming list of the company's best models, Jura machines are always sleek and stylish. The company knows that making coffee is often as much about the experience as it is about the actual taste.

That doesn't mean their machines don't produce excellent espresso though.​ With over 30 years experience building espresso machines, many of their models make tasty and aromatic espresso, cappuccino and latte.

There are a number of Jura machines on the market in the UK (you can see an up-to-date list from Jura here) and many of them produce great espresso - at a price! For this reason, we've compiled a list of what we think are the best Jura coffee machines that also provide value for money.

Jura Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine Reviews - Our Top 3 Models!

1. Jura A1 Automatic Bean-To-Cup Machine

Jura A1

The A1 could be considered the "baby" of the Jura range - although it's certainly not cheap even by bean-to-cup standards. It's a stylish model with a contemporary design - and is the only Jura machine to make it onto our list of the top 10 bean-to-cup coffee machines. So what makes this model stand out?

​Firstly, the A1 (similarly to the now unavailable ENA Micro 1) is a compact machine. This means it's great for small kitchens or if you don't want a bulky coffee machine taking up your worktop. Despite the small size, we think it retains Jura's famous style - so it's not a model that will ruin your kitchen's decor.

Inside, the A1 has a conical burr grinder, 15 bar pump and thermoblock heating system. Jura has also included their Pulse Extraction Process technology with the A1, which optimises extraction time for a wonderful espresso. The PEP technology, combined with the CLARIS water filter, results in consistently excellent coffee.

Additionally, the model has a 1.1 litre water tank, zero-energy switch and a one-touch operation. It's also twice as fast as the G3 grinder, can be programmed to three different coffee specialities, and can use either pre-ground or fresh coffee beans.

The biggest drawback to this bean-to-cup coffee machine is that it only has a single spout. This is understandable from a compact machine, but it's probably not the best choice for couples who enjoy coffee. The small size also means you'll need to refill the bean hopper and water tank more often than other machines.

Even so, if you want to be a Jura coffee machine but can't afford one of the more expensive models, the A1 could be an excellent choice. It's also great if you want a high-quality espresso machine but don't have a lot of space in the kitchen.

2. Jura E6

Jura E6

If you're looking to spend a bit more on a coffee machine with more functions than the A1, the Jura E6 could be an option to consider. It's an excellent coffee machine that makes fully automated espresso, has an easy-to-use TFT display, and a built-in milk frother for cappucino and other milky drinks.

One of the things we liked about the E6 in our review was the company's new Pulse Extraction Process technology. This pulses water through the ground coffee, leading to a fuller taste with a rich crema. There are also several options for customising your espresso, including coffee strength and length.

The milk frother does a decent job of whipping up soft and frothy milk for cappuccino. It's not fully automated when making milky coffees - you'll need to make the espresso first then add the milk - but the frothing is all done for you. Our only complaint is that the milk is lukewarm rather than hot.

Other features include a built-in water filtration system, various cleaning modes and an attractive design. There are also two adjustable spouts for making dual espressos.

In summary, the Jura E6 is pricier than the A1, but is a step up in terms of features - especially if you want milky coffee. It's not perfect, but produces wonderful espresso and is easy to use.

3. Jura S8 Moonlight Automatic

Jura S8

Moving up from the A1, we have the premium Jura S8 Moonlight. This is a much more feature-rich model that's capable of producing two cups of espresso simultaneously

As you would expect from Jura, the S8 is an attractive model. It has the stylish black front panel seen on most Jura machines, while the silver side panels and coffee dispensers provide a classy counter-point. The model also has a touch screen display for viewing selections and 15 built-in programmes.

The Moonlight S8 can make a variety of drinks, including lattes, ristretto and cappuccino. It does this using a combination of the company's Pulse Extraction Process and a separate milk foam dispenser. 

Most importantly, the espresso tastes fantastic. Whether this is due to the PEP process or just the overall design is difficult to say, but the S8's coffee output certainly matches Jura's reputation.

Other features include a 15 bar pressure, energy saving mode and programmable "switch off" setting. The S8 also has a much larger 2.4 water tank compared to the A1, which is important as it can make two espressos at the same time.

Overall, the Jura S8 is a stylish model that's capable of producing a variety of excellent coffees. While it's a lot more expensive than the A1, it's also far more versatile with the milk frothing system, two cup dispenser and touch screen. So if you're looking for an automatic Jura coffee machine the S8 could be the perfect option.

4. Jura J6

Jura J6

Another of our favourite models from Jura is the J6. It's the most expensive model on this list, but has a beautiful design and is capable of brewing outstanding espresso. It can also produce a wide range of milky coffees, such as latte macchiato, cappuccino and a flat white.

While the J6 has the classic Jura format we've come to expect, it's only available in "Piano White" or "Brilliant Silver." This is a departure from Jura's usual black design, but certainly makes the J6 stand-out as a premium coffee machine.

To select your coffee and view current settings, the J6 uses a combination of TFT display and rotary selection system. The display isn't touch screen, but it's simple and clear. You can also control the machine via the Jura app.

The J6 has a range of other features. These include a redesigned storage system, allowing you to store the milk pipe and spout out of sight but within easy reach, and a variable brewing chamber. The water filtration system can also automatically detect the water filter using RFID technology. Other features include the company's Pulse Extraction Process for optimal extraction times, a faster version of the Aroma G3 grinder, and "fine foam" technology.

There's no doubt that the J6 is an excellent bean-to-cup coffee machine. It can make a variety of coffee types in rapid time, has a range of advanced features and minimises time spent cleaning. The only major downside is the price - but this is to be expected with top-end Jura coffee machines.


Jura are a premium bean-to-cup coffee machine manufacturer that produces a range of excellent models. While their machines are always expensive - Jura simply don't do budget options - the high-quality espresso output and variety of useful features often means they also provide value for money.

If you don't have a large budget, the Jura A1 is probably the best option. It's a compact model that still produces tasty espresso. The machine also has the classic Jura style that means it'll look great in any kitchen.

When it comes to balancing performance and budget, we think the E6 is one of the best Jura options. It has two coffee spouts and the company's Pulse Induction Process, yet is still one of the least expensive Jura bean-to-cup coffee machines.