Jura E6 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Review and Comparison

8.5 Total Score
Outstanding espresso due to the Pulse Extraction Process

The Jura E8 is an excellent coffee machine. It's easy-to-use, has a semi-automated cappuccino system, and various options for adjusting your coffee. Most importantly, the espresso has a rich crema and deep flavour.

  • 3" TFT display
  • Rich crema and flavoursome espresso
  • Velvety milk via the frother
  • Pulse extraction process for a deeper flavour
  • Easy to use
  • Milk is only lukewarm rather than hot
  • Not option for pre-ground coffee


The Jura E6 is an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine at the higher end of the home market. It includes advanced features such as Jura’s “Pulse Extraction Process”, Aroma G3 burr grinder and thermo-block heating for consistent coffee. It can also make semi-automated cappuccino via the built-in milk frother.

How does the E6 compare to other bean-to-cup coffee machines though? Does it produce tasty and aromatic espresso? And is it worth the money? Keep reading our review to find out.

Key Features

  • Completely automatic bean-to-cup coffee maker
  • Integrated burr grinder
  • 15 bar pump
  • Thermo-block heating system for consistent temperature
  • Easy to use design with TFT colour display
  • Milk frother for cappuccino and latte
  • Dimensions: 28cm (W) x 35.1cm (H) x 43.9cm (D)

In-Depth Review of the Jura E6

At its core, the Jura E6 is a bean-to-cup coffee machine with a built-in fine foam milk frother. It can brew espresso, long coffees and milky specialities, and has a 3″ colour display for ease of use. Let’s take a closer look at its design and features to see how it stacks up.

Appearance and Design

There’s no doubt the E6 Platinum is an elegant and attractive coffee machine. With its silver side panels and black main unit, it’ll look great in almost any kitchen.

The E6 isn’t just built for appearance though. It’s straightforward to use, yet has all the features you would expect from a high-end bean-to-cup coffee machine. These include a 1.9 litre water tank, 15 bar pump, burr grinder and 1.1 metre cable. Jura has also included thermo-block technology for more consistent coffee.

The front panel has an intuitive TFT display with clearly labelled buttons for espresso, cappuccino, coffee and milk foaming. Making an espresso is as simple as pressing the “espresso” button and choosing a strength and length. Cappuccino is just as easy, as the automatic milk frother handles everything for you (rather than needing to manually froth the milk).

It’s worth pointing out that the E6’s milk frother is automatic, but you use it after making regular coffee if you want a cappuccino. It’s still more automated than most bean-to-cup machines – many cheaper models only have a manual milk frothing arm – but making a milky coffee is only semi-automatic. You’ll also need to reposition the cup for milk frothing.

Jura has included their “Pulse Extraction Process” in the E6. While this might sound fancy, it’s effectively a way for the machine to optimise extraction time by pulsing the water.  Water is forced through the ground coffee in a cycle, which develops a richer flavour (more on this in a moment). There’s also a pre-brew system for a thicker crema and fuller taste.

An interesting feature of the E6 is that the coffee machine can “talk” to the filter using wireless technology. This means the filter is automatically detected, rather than needing to be manually recognised. To be honest, this isn’t a major advantage over other machines, but shows that Jura has put a lot of thought into the E6.

There’s also a built-in water filtration system. The machine uses CLARIS filters to remove heavy metals and chlorine, leading to a more consistent and purer taste. The filter also protects against limescale.

A downside is that there isn’t an option to use ground coffee. Freshly ground beans always provide the best flavour, but it can be useful to have a ground coffee bypass for making decaf.

Note: The E6 is compatible with Jura Smart Connect. This allows you to control the machine via your smart phone’s Bluetooth capabilities. The Smart Connect needs to be bought separately though.

Both spouts can be used

Coffee Customisation

The E6 has a variety of settings for coffee, including three hot water temperatures and a water quantity setting. There are also eight settings for coffee intensity and two options for brewing temperature.

A useful feature is the adjustable coffee spout. Fixed spouts can be messy when using smaller cups, but the E6 can be quickly adjusted.

Espresso Taste

The E6 produces aromatic espresso with a balanced taste. The pulse extraction system really does make a difference to the flavour and depth, and we’re impressed at how consistent the E6 is at producing quality coffee. It also has a rich crema, which is often missing from cheaper bean-to-cup coffee machines.

If you’re looking for a coffee machine that turns fresh beans into a wonderful espresso in a relatively short time, the E6 is a great choice.

Note: The E6 has two spouts, so you can produce two espresso at the same time.

Other Coffee Taste

The E6 has a limited number of pre-programmed drinks: cappuccino, coffee and espresso. But there’s also the option of dispensing milk alone, so you can use it in a two-step process for lattes and other drinks. You can also use the near-instant hot water for a cup of tea.

Most importantly, the cappuccino taste and texture is excellent. The E6 consistently produces luxurious and lightly frothed milk, so each drink looks fantastic.

A drawback is that the milk isn’t as hot as we would like. It’s not cold, but if you like your cappuccino piping hot then you might be disappointed, as it’s only lukewarm. You also can’t produce a flat white, as the milk is always frothed.

Ease of Cleaning

The E6 comes with programmes for rinsing and cleaning. It rinses whenever you switch it on, which keeps it clean, but means there is a 30-40 second delay before it’s ready to brew. There’s also a descaling programme, automatic milk rinser and adjustable water hardness setting.

A bonus is the replaceable milk spout is safe for dishwasher cleaning. Milk spouts can start to harbour bacteria if not cleaned correctly, so it’s great to be able to put it in the dishwasher.

The machine also warns you when the filter is nearing the end of its life. It’s important to replace the filter, as this keeps the machine free from limescale and reduces impurities in the water.

Other Features

Some of the other features of the E6 include a drip tray sensor and easy-to-setup design. You can also buy it in both silver and black.

Value for Money

With an RRP of £795, the Jura E6 bean-to-cup coffee machine certainly isn’t cheap. The rich flavour, crema and aroma are a match for many coffee shops though. It’s also a pleasure to use, due to the intuitive design.

In other words, we think the E6 does an excellent job at justifying its relatively high price tag. For a cheaper option by the same brand, check out our ENA Micro 1 review on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jura E6 vs E8 – What’s the Difference?

If the Jura E6 straddles the mid-range/high-end boundary, the E8 is certainly a top-of-the market coffee machine. With an RRP of £1100, it’s aimed at coffee enthusiasts rather than people who enjoy the occasional cup.

Both models include the Pulse Extraction Process, CLARIS water filter and TFT display. They also both have an automatic frothing system and the same size water tank.

What are the differences between them though?  Only the E8 provides the option of using pre-ground coffee. The E8 also has a bigger bean hopper. Most importantly, the E8’s cappuccino system is fully automated, rather than the semi-automated function included with the E6.


The Jura E6 is an excellent bean-to-cup coffee machine. It’s not cheap, but the espresso is rich, flavoursome and has a beautiful crema. The cappuccino, while not completely automated, is easy to make and has a wonderful texture.

It’s not perfect though. We wish the milk was hotter, as this is one of our biggest complaints. There’s also no option to use pre-ground coffee, which is a problem if you want to use it for decaf coffee.

Even so, the Jura E6 is one of the best bean-to-cup coffee machines on the market. If you’re not worried about the lukewarm milk or lack of pre-ground bypass, you won’t be disappointed. You can also click here for a list of alternatives on our main reviews page.

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